Library of extendable FA2

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ligo install ligo-extendable-fa2  


Generic FA2

Experiment with generic FA2 contracts.

Original contracts code:

Token metadata

Because temple wallet and better call dev platform follows a FA2 standard (with multiple assets), the single_asset follows the same type definition of the token metadata than multi_asset. Thus the single asset handles only one asset, it defines the token metadata as a big_map which contains a single entry. For example:

  Big_map.literal ([
    (0n, { token_id = 0n; token_info = Map.literal([ (\"\", 0x03) ]) })

How to use this library

Install the library with ligo CLI (with docker)

ligo install ligo-extendable-fa2

This command will add a dependency in a package.json file.

Here is an example of the resulting package.json file.

{ \"dependencies\": { \"@ligo/fa\": \"^1.0.4\", \"ligo-extendable-fa2\": \"^1.0.1\" } }

Enquired audits

fetching audit