A robocoin system for Tezos

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ligo install checker  



Pure CameLIGO version of the Checker project. Compiles with Ligo 0.62.3 or newer.

This repository aims to propose an easier development experience than the original Checker project:

  • pure LIGO experience (including tests);
  • fewer scripting languages required to compile and deploy;
  • fewer vendored repositories (and, eventually, none). However, we're not there yet.

Online demo version

A demo version is available online: you can execute the first tutorial notebook thanks to Binder.



Compilation of Checker currently requires a small change in the LIGO compiler. Until this change is ported to the compiler, it is required to install a custom version by following these steps:

  • clone the following repository, including its submodules:
    git clone --recurse-submodules
  • install the opam package manager
  • build LIGO (this can take some time):
    cd ligo

Please refer to the official repository for more detailed instructions.

  • using an alias or equivalent, make sure the produced executable is in your path under the name ligo:
    alias ligo=$PathToLigoRepository/_build/default/src/bin/runligo.exe


Currently, the only way of building and deploying Checker easily is with Python. Other languages may be available in the future.

  • we recommend using pyenv to manage your dependencies;
  • make sure you have Python \226\137\165 3.9 and pytezos and that you create a specific environment;
  • install the checker package using python install;
  • optionally, install Jupyter to run the tutorial notebook.


We currently require 3 submodules: Ctez (for development purpose), Breathalyzer (to run tests) and the math Cameligo library; make sure you clone the repository with the submodules.

Compilation and deployment

The compilation script has been simplified and now only uses Python. You should be able to compile the project using checker_tools.client.compilation.compile_everything(path).

Please refer to the tutorial notebooks for more detailed instructions.

Enquired audits

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